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Teak, Teca
Tectona grandis

  • Cabinet doors
  • Boating
  • Decking & Cladding
  • Flooring & Staircases
  • Furniture
  • Joinery

With its superb stability, good strength properties, easy workability — and most of all, its outstanding resistance to decay and rot — it’s no wonder that Teak ranks among the most desired lumbers in the world.

Heartwood golden brown, often with dark markins. Sapwood pale yellow and easily distinguished. The wood contains an oleo-resin, which gives it a greasy feel and a distinctive odour to freshly cut material.

Its texture is alternatively smooth and coarse because of woods ring-porous nature. Grain is usually straight. Freshly cut wood can be very variable in colour, with blotches and streaks, but prolonged exposure to light modifies the more extreme variations.

It is perhaps one of the most expensive lumbers on the market, at least for large-sized, non-figured wood.

Water friendly

Teak has a very high naturally occurring silica content from the sandy soil in which it grows, and this silica impregnates the fibers of the wood, making it nearly waterproof. Adding to Teak’s natural water resistance are the wood’s natural oils, which do double duty as natural insect repellants.

King of boat decking

Teak has been the preferred material for yacht decks and furniture, outdoor furniture and specialty installations because there isn’t another wood that offers so many wide-ranging benefits or looks as good while doing so.

Outdoor furniture

Teak is a perfect wood for outdoor furniture (like park benches and deck chairs) because it looks amazing and it weathers incredibly well, has durability and good looks and has an impeccable track record of performance over time.

Density (kg/m3 dry)670Hardness (Janka) (kN)4.5Resistance to split in nailingGood
Specific gravity0.67FinishExcellentResistance to split and screwingGood
Modulus of rapture (Mpa dry)106StabilityExcellentGluingFair
Modulus of elasticy (Mpa dry)10DurableYes Growing regoinSouth America and Asia
Radial shrinkage %1.5Sapwood Lyctid SusceptibleNoTrees25-35 year old
Tangential shrinkage %2.5MachiningGood Round logsGirth of 40-150 cm
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