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Almendro, Cumaru, Brazilian Teak, Tonka
Dipteryx panamensis, D. oleifera, D. odorata.

  • Cabinet doors
  • Boating
  • Exterior & Interior Decking & Cladding
  • Exterior & Interior Flooring & Staircases
  • Furniture
  • Joinery
  • Veneer

An extremely heavy wood that shows low linear shrinkage and moderately stable volumetric shrinkage. Mechanical resistance is very high. Difficult to saw due to its hardness and interlocked grain. Air Drying is uniform and quick. Kiln Drying is easy with a mild 10 day drying program. It is resistant to decay, fungi, insect attach, and does not need to be preserved.

Appearance: Reddish Chestnut to dark Chestnut color with well defined or golden brown and purplish streaks. Grain is straight to interlocked. Low to medium gloss. Distinctive fragrance.

Working Properties: Tungsten Carbide Tools recommended. Pre-drilling is usually required.

Another ecological advantage of Almendro is that it is naturally class “A” fire-resistance. Elevating its ability to resist flames to the same level as metal or concrete.

It is only located in the southern Nicaragua area, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia, where it grows primarily in the lowlands of the Atlantic plains.

Beautiful defense

These beautiful brown tones and rich exotic graining, Almendro siding is a perfect option to consider for your rain screen system. Its strong qualities come from the natural oils in the grain of the wood and the highly concentrated density levels that it contains.

Unmatched durability

With the high shock resistance of Almendro comes the advantage of it standing up to the high traffic of kids, dogs and even high heeled pumps. Many experts consider its abilities as a decking material to be unmatched by even Teak, but for lower price.

Water and fire resistant

Its one of the densest and hardest timbers available, along with its low maintenance qualities, highly termite resistant attributes and impermeable surface it has unparalleled advantages for exterior projects. The popularity of indoor/outdoor kitchens have blurred the boundaries of dining alfresco as this timber is equally beautiful indoors and outdoors.

Density (kg/m3 dry)1130Hardness (Janka) (kN)14.8Resistance to split in nailingGood
Specific gravity0.90FinishExcellentResistance to split and screwingGood
Modulus of rapture (Mpa dry)175StabilityGoodGluingDifficult
Modulus of elasticy (Mpa dry)22Crushing Strength (Mpa dry)95.5DurableHigh
Radial shrinkage %5Sapwood Lyctid SusceptibleNoTrees25-35 year old
Tangential shrinkage %8MachiningHard Round logs Girth of 50-150 cm
 Volumetric % 12.6 T/R Ratio 1.5 Growing regoin Central and South America
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