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Already serving 23 countries worldwide
A family owned company from the U.S.A. based in Panama, Panamatrees has over 20 years of experience in serving the international community with timber materials such as high quality Teak, Mahogany and Redwood etc. Over the years our farm has been able to establish personal relationships with other private farms along the Central and South American areas where some of our resources are grown, ensuring high quality and satisfaction. We ship directly from various ports located throughout Central America to manufacturers and wholesale distributors worldwide.

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Our timber is available in a variety of sizes and cuts to satisfy individual client needs. Abundant inventories are available from our network of individual suppliers and can be delivered in a minimal amount of time. With current operations and exportation to countries such as China, India, and Vietnam and all of European countries. Panamatrees looks forward to expanding and reaching new clients globally.

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We do care about future of our planet

Panamatrees donates a percentage of our profit to rainforest regrowth programs. If you would like to help, please follow our link. By planting more trees than we harvest, Panamatrees ensures our ecological footprint is minimal. For each tree we cut and sell, we match this by planting seeds of the exact same specimen.

Panamatrees donate a percentage from every order to rainforest restoration nurseries

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Our unique location allows us to offer lower costs for shipping worldwide

Shipping direct from the Panama Canal offers cheaper transit costs to many destinations worldwide

We stock all kinds of timber from Central America!

One of the densest and hardest timbers available, along with its low maintenance qualities, high termite, rot, decay, mold, water, and fire resistence.
Parota is very popular wood for table tops producing. Thanks to its huge size, soft amber glow, easy workability and resistance to decay and insects.
This is a precious wood and one of todays’ most prized lumbers for its outstanding color, density, figure and resistance to decay and insects.
Teak is perhaps one of the most expensive and most desired lumbers on the market with its superb stability, strength properties, easy workability and resistance to decay and rot.
This is a great choice for those that want the richness of the mahogany color but more durability. This feature allows floor manufacturers to give a warranty of up to 35 years.
Some woods are loved for their color, others are loved for their streaks and stripes. One of the most underappreciated timbers, Macacauba has both. (And it’s inexpensive as well)
Over 20 years of experience in serving the international community with timber materials.
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